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Almost Wrapped Up.

Over our short history as chocolate makers, we have done more than our fair share of changes to the look of our packaging.

When we first started almost three years ago, we used a generic mold for our bar and then hand wrapped it in vintage maps we had found.   The very limited source of maps soon turned into expensive large sheets of italian paper which we hand cut to size with a rotary cutter.  To top off this colorful version of our wrapper, I would use a little  scalloping blade to run each edge of every logo band, which added the final touch to our bar.  Although beautiful, our early method of wrapping was time consuming, and very similar looking to the bars coming from a couple of brothers on the east coast.  It was time for an identity change.  

Custom molds were made, illustrations were drawn, and we bought an old print shop off of craigslist.  It wasn't long until the press motors were humming and chocolate wrappers were being printed in house.  We quickly fell in love with the timeless look and feel of letterpress, and thus have fully embraced the art as part of our branding.  

As our chocolate company has grown, we have found that our method of hand wrapping the bars was quickly becoming the bottle neck of our production line, and hence the idea of an envelope was born.  This latest transition to a new wrapper has been quite the journey of paper samples, die lines, and months of trying to get it right.  Because of a miscommunication, the paper of our current wrapper is not up the standard that you have come to expect from Dick Taylor Chocolate.  Fortunately, we are very close to finalizing a new wrapper that we are very excited about.     

We really want to thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown us through all of our transitions as we stumble our way through this very exciting and challenging business of crafting chocolate. 


Dustin Taylor  

Cofounder/Owner Dick Taylor Chocolate